Motorola Xoom: Check Out a Tablet Besides the Ipad

Anyone who knows me and my family knows we are huge fans of the Iphone. So when the Ipad was introduced, we were certainly interested in adding it to our ever-growing arsenal of chargeable devices. However, it seemed just like a bigger version of what we already had…so when I got the chance to try out the Ipad’s newest competitor, the  Motorola Xoom, I was happy to see what “else” another tablet could actually do that an Ipad couldn’t. I mean comparison shopping is always necessary, right?  I was pleasantly surprised by the answers.

Just like anything new, I was careful about the way I used it and completely refused to read the directions.  I will confess, since this wasn’t an Apple product, I had to learn a new interface. It was a little difficult to reprogram my thinking, but with some of the other cool things I began to enjoy, I was willing to work through it…What I really noticed about how FAST this thing went. I configured my email accounts in a few seconds.  Since what I do most of all is work, I tried out all my familiar apps. THIS is where it was great that I was a Google user. Besides being a Motorola and Verizon product, the tablet has the unique advantage of being a Google product.  So once I set up my Google account, things like Talk, Tasks, Books and more were already configured before I even used the apps – genius!
In a short time, this little screen became a part of our family’s everyday. After mama had explored her new toy for a couple of days, both my husband and my son asked if they could look at it. I finally gave in and with supervision; I let them take a drive. I mean, I was supposed to be seeing what this thing was capable of. Then the fight was on… Angry Birds was just the start of it. We then tried to use it as a cookbook using the handy charging stand. Then I downloaded Pandora and used it to play music – the sound worked beautifully. Movies (which that could stream from my tablet to my big screen) and videos seemed to play like a dream – and the photos were vivid, crisp and colorful. However, my favorite part of this thing is something that the Ipad can’t do at all – I could view Flash pages! (Something many Apple users know is a huge inconvenience.)
But as much as I liked it, the Motorola Xoom did have its downfall. First, off – I did have some difficulty figuring out where the “on” button was. Yep, that’s right. Unlike that familiar one button that Iphone and Ipad’s are known for, the on/off button is on the BACK of the tablet. Also, the setup/navigation is different than an Ipad – not because it is harder, but more complex. With so many options to customize and the capability to run multiple windows, it can be overwhelming. But like anything, you learn as you go and just enjoy it for what it is. While it is not a replacement for your laptop, desktop or phone, it is a great device to make your household run a little – or actually, a lot smoother. And with a little more time, I would love to figure out what other things this magic device can do and perhaps learn what the terms, honeycomb and ice cream sandwich have to do with the Motorola Xoom.  
Bottom line, although there are many capabilities that the Motorola Xoom and Apple Ipad share, they aren’t exactly the same thing. Just like Hotmail and Gmail, it depends on your lifestyle and what you use it for that will help you make your best decision on choosing a tablet.  So when you get asked what you might want for Christmas, consider that Ipad is not the only option and take a look at the Xoom!
I was provided a Motorola Xoom to demo for a short time to conduct this review. However, the opinions and considerations are all my own.