Look Good FAST with Your New Handy “Trainer”

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The last of this month’s focus on diet and exercise, The High Intensity Fitness Revolution for Women claims it can make your look good, fast. 

“If you’re the kind of woman who spends an average weekday lounging around, then feel free to put this book back on the shelf. This is a fitness regimen for women who don’t have an hour or more to work out each day.” 

The High Intensity Fitness Revolution for Women: A Fast and Easy Workout with Amazing Results leads you through a revolutionary workout routine by Pete Cerqua, one of New York City’s most applauded fitness trainers.
Cerqua owns and operates the 90-Second Fitness flagship studio in New York City. One of New York’s most respected and in-demand fitness trainers, he has been helping people lose weight for more than 20 years.
Cerqua claims he knows the secret that will change the way you see exercise forever: short periods of high intensity workout are much more productive and effective than lengthy periods of “overtraining.” This book is about getting the best possible result for your body in the shortest amount of time— at home. It focuses on toning your muscles, increasing your metabolism, strengthening your bones, preventing arthritis, achieving great legs, and all around looking and feeling better. 

What I like most about it: there’s pictures on how to do the exercises on the machines. While I’ve downloaded plenty of workout apps on my phone, I still spend most of workout time looking on my Iphone and not on actually doing the exercises. This way I have not only a list of my workout, but how to do it and on what machine. It’s the next best thing to the trainer. 

Best of all, if you and your honey are looking to lose some pounds together, there’s actually a book just for the hubby, too –The High Intensity Fitness Revolution for Men.
The High Intensity Fitness Revolution for Women
A Fast and Easy Workout with Amazing Results
By Pete Cerqua
Skyhorse Publishing paperback, also available as an ebook
$14.95 (Under $10 on Amazon.com)
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Can Cookies Make You Lose Weight? The Magic Cookie Can

Food Fridays: 

As a mom that is always on the go, I’ve been known to make some pretty bad choices about food.
“Have you found yourself at McDonald’s with the idea of ordering a yogurt parfait and getting a cheeseburger instead?”
“Ordering Chick-Fil-A for the kids and then eating 3-4 of your own, along with a couple of French fries and a half the cookie before you hand it to them?”
Between running through the drive-in or ordering dinner to go, the crazy schedule that families like mine try to deal with everyday is hard…especially on a mom who needs to lose around 20, 30…well I need to lose some weight!
So you can imagine my surprise when I was told that a COOKIE could make me lose weight. This was definitely a plan for me!
While I could have told you that an Oreo cookie doesn’t make you skinny, I was all for a “magic cookie” (even if it wasn’t an Oreo) that could. Especially if it was made from other busy moms who were facing the same dilemmas I was.

The Magic Cookie was created by Dallas mom/daughter duo Nanci Masso and Faryn Clark. In addition to being successful business women, both are busy moms – Nanci is a mother of five ranging from 40 to 14 years of age and Faryn is a mother of three boys ages 5,3, and 22 months.  Wow…and a few lucrative businesses to boot!)

Dallas mom/daughter duo Nanci Masso and Faryn Clark of Biosanes.
Biosanes, the maker of the “magic cookie,” evolved from more than 25 years of research and development in the nutrition industry. The local Dallas company offers health and weight loss products that are good for the whole family.  The “magic” (as called by Biosanes) is Arabinogalactan, which is 100% soluble fiber derived from the Western Larch tree, has been found to be more powerful than echinacea in its immune enhancing abilities.  What really makes it work like magic is that it encapsulates fat and removes it from the body before it turns into unwanted pounds, supports healthy glucose and cholesterol and aids in digestion.
While some of that went over my head, I understood a couple things very plainly: “remove” and “unwanted pounds.” So l was all about trying these babies out.
So I armed myself with two boxes of cookies, stuck them in some convenient areas in efforts to fend off the times when I start to roll into the drive through…like in between meetings, doing errands, etc. Here’s how I faired:

And even more than just being a weight loss supplement, these cookies are also good for maintaining a healthy living by boosting immunity because it meets 1/3 of your daily nutritional needs while supressing hunger. 

I’ll admit I favored the Oatmeal Raisin cookie to the Granola Cranberry and so did my kids:). Many times we shared the cookies to keep us all from eating sugary crap we could be eating.  While I ate the Cranberry cookie, it tasted a lot more like a nutritional supplement than the Oatmeal Raisin recipe. Additionally, I always made sure I had something on my lap as I ate the cookie so it wouldn’t get all over me and the car (the cookie does have a crumbly texture, but was still soft like a cookie should be. Thankfully Biosanes is already working on perfecting that part too!)
If only they would come out with a chocolate chip cookie or an Oreo, I’ll stock up my whole pantry.

Individual: Oatmeal Raisin: $3.25and Granola Cranberry with Chia Seeds: $3.49
Pickup: Facelogic Spa in Highland Park
4516 Lovers Ln., Ste. 375, Dallas, Texas
Buy Online | Facebook | More Info

I received one or more of the mentioned products for the sole purpose of this review. No other compensating was given and all opinions expressed are 100 percent my own. (Accordance with FTC’s 16 CFR Part 255, “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”)

Score this SuperBowl with Kid-Friendly Recipes with Cabot Cheese {Recipes}

To-Do Thursdays:

This Sunday is like the big daddy of Sundays with the SuperBowl in New Orleans! So for the next few days I’ve got food and football on the brain. 

A great recipe that the kids can do themselves!

Can you say, “CHEAT DAY?” 

Actually, you don’t have to with Cabot. 

Recently, I got a special opportunity to chow down on some tasty lowfat cheese (we’re talking like 50% – 75% reduced fat) from CABOT while learning some great lowfat, kid-friendly recipes including the ones included here, Cheddar Mice and Lowfat Mac n Cheese! 

Who doesn’t like mac n cheese? Here’s a delicious lowfat recipe!

While at the event I learned some great tidbits from a chef at Central Market (so you know she’s got great tips), so I thought I’d share. 

Looking for a crusty brown topping like on mac n cheese? Spray a little cooking spray on the top before you put in the oven and you’ll good nice and crispy!

Putting things in muffin tins is all the rage…make your clean up and portions easier to control with an ice cream scoop! 

While these recipes are simple, they are great ways to make your diet tastier without the fat (or the work) with Cabot Cheese. Looking for more Super Cheesy SuperBowl Recipes, check out these recipes from Cabot! 

Score this SuperBowl with CABOTs Pin It to Win It Contest! 
10 winners randomly selected. Each will win $75 Cabot Gift Box and 1 of the winners will also win an additional $75 Gift Box to gift to a friend. 50 pinners will receive a Cabot coupon for FREE cheese.


I received one or more of the mentioned products for the sole purpose of this review. No other compensating was given and all opinions expressed are 100 percent my own. (Accordance with FTC’s 16 CFR Part 255, “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”)

Burn Your Spanx: Done in a Day, Mini-Mommy Tuck Gets You to Life in 24 Hours

Want-it Wednesdays: 

The last 30 days I’ve done A LOT of exercise and diet to try to shed some serious weightage. Unfortunately, no matter how much you workout and eat the right things, it doesn’t go back or come off. A little of me, a little of the kids and a little of pregnancy does a little number on your body. That’s where the term “mommy makeover” or “mommy tuck” comes into the picture and I don’t mean a little red lipstick and a haircut, but a plastic surgery procedure that includes a breast lift and tummy tuck.

For most moms, these procedures aren’t practical because of costs and/or recovery time. But when I was researching the newest trends in facial treatments for last week’s post, I came across Rejuve Med Spa. In addition to photofacials, Fraxel and Botox, they also listed Tummy Tuck and Mini-TummyTucks as services. While I was familiar with a Tummy Tuck, the idea of a Mini-Tummy Tuck” intrigued me. (And maybe a little hair removal, too.)

Could you use a little Mini-Mommy Tuck? No downtown and reasonable cheap.
This inquiring mind wanted to know more.

And if this place is good enough for the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders as their “official med spa,” it was good enough for this Dallas Mom Blogger (who like the cheerleaders, is based actually in Arlington, not Dallas, but I deter.)

My Visit:
My visit to the med spa was nice from the first moment I arrived and the sound of the entrance chime gave me a warm feeling like I was at someone’s house. It was comfortable beginning to my experience. 

I checked in with the receptionist and she walked me to the waiting room area that resembled a nice living room environment with a TV, couches and a K-cup machine to help yourself to (and so I did.) With my mug in hand, I completed my paperwork on a laptop and quickly I was ushered to my consultation.

My consult was thorough and included explanations of everything I wanted to know including photos and a Q&A session. Of course, she was beautiful and young, but very educated about the procedures and made me feel at ease. Even when it was time to flop out my cellulite, she made me feel comfortable. 

What is LaserLipo?
Rejuve Med-Spa’s LaserLipo and Body Sculpting treatment is a FDA-approved advanced medical procedure that destroys and removes fat.  This minimally invasive fat removal procedure utilizes a CoolLipo laser to liquefy and eliminate areas of unwanted fat and tighten the skin of the area being treated. Popular areas for fat removal and skin tightening include the abdomen, arms, bra rolls, back, buttocks, chest (male), flanks (love handles), hips, neck chin & jowls, thighs and waist. 

Wow Factors:
  • Lose inches permanently in one visit
  • Extremely affordable (around $1500 an area, but differs with specials)
  • Local anesthesia (Tumescent) used with the CoolLipo Laser
  • The treatment is done at Rejuve and is performed solely by their team of board certified surgeons.

How it Works:
First, the area being treated is numbed by a local anesthetic (Tumescent). Next, the surgeon makes a very tiny incision and inserts a small probe (cannula) containing the laser fiber beneath the skin and photo-acoustically destroys the fat cells while simultaneously promoting the production of collagen which results in tightening of the skin from the inside out (an effect not seen with standard liposuction). Finally, the liquefied fat is suctioned out through the same incision using a small suctioning cannula. A bandage is applied to the small incision and the treated area is wrapped with a compression garment. You’re awake during the procedure and considered not painful and does not leave any unsightly scars.

Since this procedure is performed under local anesthesia, you’re able to walk out after the treatment and perform light activities and return to work/daily life in one-to-two days depending on the area being treated.

For real.

While it can’t get rid of the loose skin, there is something to say for a procedure that is reasonably priced and can let you get back to business after a weekend!

While I was there I also had to talk laser hair removal. In the past, I’d actually tried hair removal; it was painful and actually burned my skin, so I had written that off completely. But when she told me it wouldn’t hurt and she would test a spot so I could feel it, I took her up on it. I threw out my underarm and said let’s have it. I clenched up my hiney and waited for the deep pain to set in.

Pause. Pause. Pause.

No pain and done in no time. Like lunch break time – in and out and I could have my underarms, bikini area and face done with time to grab something to eat or pick up the kids. That’s amazing.

What’s really amazing is that they were offering a  special for “buy one area, get two areas free.” I couldn’t resist – especially if that meant I wouldn’t feel like Chewbacca anymore and “shave off” some time to boot (pun intended.)

I may not come out a DCC, but I was made a cheerleader out of this place.

Rejuve Med Spa
The Arbors at Preston, 18220A
(Frankfurt & Preston)
Preston Road, Dallas, TX 75252
[email protected]

Yoga Pose: Passing Wind

This week’s challenge to make a BETTER ME was to try a hot yoga at a place I’ve been meaning to attend for way too long. I was so excited to get to finally go…And as I’ll share here, it was one of the best (and embarrassing) experiences ever. Read on to find out why.

I’ve done yoga in a lot of places for a many years…Don’t be fooled though. I’m not any good at it; I just can’t call myself a beginner anymore (but maybe a beginner II.) Since I was exploring fun ways to lose weight, it was time to finally take a “hot” yoga class. Lucky for me, they were also running an unlimited yoga for $25 introductory offer, so I signed up. 
The next day, I was so blooming excited; I put on my best yoga outfit and showed up for my 8:45 AM class (6 AM was too early to try something new.) When I arrived I was greeted by my a woman who was friendly and made me feel at ease about my *first time.* It seemed so yoga-riffic!
The room itself was also very warm, apparently more than 9 5degrees warm. The floor was made of cork and felt soft, yet firm on the soles of my bare feet. The interior was simple with clean lines, fixtures, and minimal décor. Yet, different than other studios, there were no mirrors. No music and no instructor at the front of the room. 
Oh, this was going to be different.
But I was already in this saddle, so I had to ride it out, no matter what.
The hour and half we spent practicing was amazing. While I had no one in the front to look at for demonstration or a mirror to try to copy the other students in the room, I was able to listen to the instructor on what to do with my body and how. I had to rely, listen and trust myself and my breathing to do each pose. It was kinda magical…(or maybe I was starting to hallucinate?) Either way, it was great.  
Did I mention by doing this you lose up to 600 calories an hour?  (Photo courtesy www.theyogaproject.net.)
But then after about 25 minutes of upward-downward dog, warrior 1 & 2 – it happened.
My bliss suddenly turned to embarrassment when I totally ripped one in the quiet classroom with no music and I knew no one. Well, not really ripped one, as passed one, as I would come to find out in my future research.
Lucky me. 
Thankfully, no one in the classroom snickered, so I was able to finish the class. While totally red-faced, I was able to blame it on the heat, so I could escape without making an issue.
When I got home, I went straight to one of my best friends, Google, for answers.
I couldn’t believe what I found!
First, I certainly wasn’t the only woman who ever did the Passed Wind “pose” in class. It actually seemed quite common, especially for women who have had children. This passing of air happens because of the loosening of the pelvic floor that happens during pregnancy and childbirth. I even found a story of a pharmacist who would see swarms of women come into his drugstore before a yoga class and consume large amounts of anti-this and-that in hopes to try to keep the “vart” (as AuntYoga described it) from happening.
While this made me feel better at home, I still had to faceup to the challenge: returning to the class that I was so excited and embarrassed to attend again.  
I’ll be happy to report I haven’t had any more embarrassing issues happen since the first one, but perhaps it looks like I was able to conquer “Passing Wind” for now. I’ve returned around four times now, upgraded my yoga mat and purchased my first yogitoes
Never heard of a yogitoes? I hadn’t either, but you better learn. For this class, you’re gonna need it. It helps to contain the euphoria and the other pose I’m trying to avoid: the falling on my face.  
The Yoga Project
2745 N Collins St #109, Arlington, TX 76001

Ready to Get Your Fit On? 

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