Turn Back Time – Ways to Keep Your Skin Looking Younger

Last week I made an amazing, yet very SAD discovery.
Mother Nature left a little mark on me in the form of a wrinkle.
I was looking in the rearview window and noticed it and of course, tried to wipe it away. Then after a few minutes I realized it wasn’t going away or could it?
So off I started on my search for the fountain of youth to find out what I could do today to make a difference now and hopefully tomorrow as well.
Starting from the inside out, here’s what I found can help or at least in the words of Cher, “If I could turn back time.”
Water is the answer for almost everything and when it comes to skin there’s nothing better.
Think of a raisin…with water, your skin looks like a grape. Without it, it looks like a raisin. Which one do you want your skin to look like? Most people don’t even drink their recommended water intake. Roughly to find your water intake you want to multiply your weight by 2/3 or 67 percent. If you weight 100 pounds, you need 67 oz water. If you’re 200 pounds, you need around 130 oz. Of course, the environment, your exercise habits, alcoholic intake impacts your intake requirements. Just remember, you need about 2, 2 liters of water a day. Don’t like water or need a little help to drink more? Check out this post on “How to Get your H2O!
Veggies and fruit aren’t just good for your diet, but for your skin, too. When it comes to our skin we want to be an ace – meaning we want to make sure we are getting our Vitamins A, C & E.  

They contain antioxidants that fight off the free radicals, aka the environmental toxins that’s in the air, in what we eat, and all around us. They also fight off our cancer risk and have several healthy benefits.
TOMATOES contain the antioxidant LYCOPENE which helps your skin cells work at their optimal rate. 
Eat at least 1/2 cup of cooked tomatoes a day.
BLUEBERRIES contain the antioxidant POLYPHENOLS, that helps to protect your skin and maintain elasticity and vibrancy. Plus polyphenols also help prevent memory problems.
Eat one or more 1/2-cup servings daily.
KALE contains the antioxidant LUTEIN to help prevent aging and contains iron.
Eat two or more 1/2-cup servings of kale or other greens a day.
RED PEPPERS contains the antioxidant BIOFLAVANOIDS to moisturize and heal the skin.
Eat two or more 1/2-cup servings a day of red peppers, carrots, beets, or similarly colored veggies.
The cosmetic and beautycare makes up a multibillion dollar industry and it’s full of products that claim to turn back time. Whatever your price point you need to remember all skin care routines need to really consist of four steps:
1. Clean
2. Exfoliate
3. Moisturize
4. Protect
And you have to make sure to put on the sunscreen! I love SUPERGOOP – it’s sunscreen, anti-aging serum and moisturizer in one.
Some do and some don’t, but these products give you both instant and long-term results just like having a spa at home.

Clarisonic: Mia 2 $199
Cleans 6X Better than hands or Washcloth
Smoother more Radiant Skin
Can Be used with your favorite Cleanser
All skin types
Helps Reduce Pores and treat Acne Prone Skin
Various Brush Heads depending on Skin Needs
2 yr Mfg Warranty
PMD: Personal Microderm $179
Exfoliates while Leaving you with the appearance of Smoothier and more Radiant Skin
Evens Skin Tone
Helps Shrink Pores
Helps Smooth Fine Lines and Wrinkles
Lancer: MicroCurrent Power Boost $250
Helps Maintain a Firm, Refined and Luminous Complexion
/ReChargeable Battery
Easy for Travel
5 Minutes Instant Smoothness
Boost collagen, optimize cell function while renew and rejuvenate skin
LaPrairie: Essence of Skin Caviar $140
Helps Smooth Fine Lines and Wrinkles on the Upper and Lower Eye Lid
Can be used under Eyeshadow as a Primer
Smoothes Crows Feet
Caviar Extracts
Lancom: Visionnaire 1 Minute BLUR
Instant Skin Perfector
Smoothes Fine Lines and Wrinkles
Can be used with or Without makeup
Aides in longer foundation wear
Perricone MD “OVM” Anti Aging $165
OVM- highest Cosmetic Concentration of Retinol
Anti-Aging – Helps Reduce Fine Lines and Wrinkles leaving with you with the appearance of youthful skin
Silky Slumber
Using a silk or satin pillow instead of a cotton pillow can help fight off sleep induced wrinkles and even keep your hair in check! The fibers in many of them have copper, which is a proven mineral to minimize aging skin. Since cotton absorb moisture, it not only wipes off that moisturizer you just put on, but takes out all the moisture you want your skin to keep while you sleep.
It’s Gonna Be a Bright, Sunshiny day
Want to appear you’ve taken off a few years before you leave for the day? Then wear brighter colors. While I have a closet full of black and it makes me feel thinner, the color actually causes a  harsh contrast in the skin making your skin appear to be more dull and less vibrant. But adding color into your wardrobe, it appears you have a more youthful look. Even if it’s a necklace, cardigan or scarf, a small change can make a big difference in looking younger! Also by changing up those accessories to more trendier pieces, you can make that black dress you’ve been wearing for 10 years and your skin look runway ready.
Say goodbye to wrinkled skin! 


Dallas’ Best Dressed Secret: Upscale Resale at Clothes Circuit

Disclaimer: I was invited to celebrate the 30th anniversary at Clothes Circuit and received a gift card. However, I have already spent way more money than my gift card balance and plan to go back multiple times. 
As I approach the holidays, my buying habits change to only giving and no more getting for me.  Unfortunately, it’s also the same time of the year that your social calendar requires you to look your festive best. 

Ain’t it ironic that Timing and Budget do not place nicely with each other? 

However, I did find out they can compromise.

Let me introduce you to my new guiltless pleasure, Clothes Circuit. 

A 30-year-old tradition in the Park Cities, Clothes Circuit offers women one-of-kind upscale consignment fashion with clothing essentials, shoes, accessories, coats, bags, handbags and jewelry.  Owned by Irene Mylan, the Clothes Circuit gives you the labels you want to buy at prices you can actually afford (and still buy Christmas.) 

With more than 500 items are introduced to the floor daily bearing labels from the world’s top designers and upscale retailers such as Trina Turk, St. John, Tory Burch, Michael Kors, Marni, Calvin Klein, Gucci, Burberry and more.  Clothes Circuit also carries everyday office-appropriate options from Banana Republic, Ann Taylor, Chico’s, The Gap, and Cole Haan.

A woman with little time to spend on shopping for herself, I immediately spotted a huge number of Louis Vuitton handbags and suitcases. Followed by several pairs of Jimmy Choos I couldn’t wait to put on my feet. I was already reeled in now, so off to the racks to see if there was anything that I had to have. 

Of course, I found some. A lot of some. Somewhere between the devoted Tory Burch rack, a Michael Kors Black trench and lovely gold frock (holiday attire is only available from now until the end of the year), I couldn’t help from seeing all the fantastic labels that I just couldn’t believe was available AND I could consider buying it. 

While I’ve enjoyed my time there, I have to admit, I hope this new-found-fun doesn’t turn like my Starbucks. From just special occasions to now multiple times a day, I’m now a gold card carrier of the coffee giant. Thankfully, Clothes Circuit doesn’t have a frequent shopper card or the Christmas tree at my house might look bare. 

At least I’ll look good. 
Clothes Circuit
6105 Sherry Lane
Dallas, TX 75225
Get your inside look on inventory at Clothes Circuit on Instagram!

Take a Break from Parenthood with the Cadillac CTS

Disclaimer: I was provided the use of a Cadillac CTS to experience luxury driving in beautiful car. You should too and here’s why. 

The day I had to trade in my BMW coupe to get a more mom-appropriate car, I cried like a little baby who had lost their blankie. I loved that car and enjoyed the feeling I had every moment I was behind the wheel. Giving up that car was a milestone moment for my life; leaving behind my childhood as I prepared to be the mother of my own child.

Since then I’ve driven a mom car; actually a SUV with room for car seats, diaper bags and pack n plays. I’ve definitely adjusted to the change of a little car to a big mom-mobile and for the most part, I don’t mind it (except for the Goldfish crumbs.) However, when I slid behind the wheel of a Cadillac CTS, that moment of freedom, class and “I have arrived,” took me by suprise. I instantly wanted to drive all kinds of places to show off the beautiful charcoal-colored coupe and how beautiful I felt now that I was in a caddy. 

I mean it IS a Cadillac.

Unfortunately, it was time to pick up the kids from school and since car seats don’t belong (or fit) in this car, I climbed back into reality and rushed off to my unexciting mom life. But deep down I really wanted to continue driving and to check out all its smooth features like hidden handles, keyless entry and the push button to open the doors.

Cadillac CTS Highlights: 
Touchpad door openings
Hard-drive radio system with USB port
Six air bags
Rearview camera within your rearview mirror
Parking assist, side blind zone alert

So I decided to make time for the car and made it a reason for a dinner out…besides, I guess being without kids and with my husband might be good for us. And there was also the car to drive. Being in the Cadillac did make the date seem a little more exciting and formal. We were able to test out the air-conditioned seats and just drive. Instead of messing with all kinds of buttons, we spent time together just cruising and enjoying the feeling. The drive was incredibly smooth, especially with its ultracomfortable leather seats. 

After a night of pretending of how my life was without kids, without pressures and baby sitters, it was time to go home and get back to my life. Once we hit the garage, our little people came out and reminded us why we had given up the fun and eye-catching car for my mom-mobile.  

However, my baby girl definitely took up on the opportunity to get behind the wheel of the Cadillac. Uh-oh, I think she might already have a crush on the Cadillac, too. 

It’s TIme for a Little Potty Talk: Let’s Talk Bums

Mama Mondays: 

We’re starting off the week with a little “potty talk.”

Brittany from Brittany Estes, Becky from The Java Mama, ME – Autumn from Mama Challenge, Jamie from Roubinek Reality and Esther from Laugh With Us Blog.

I mean we’re getting to the real core of the matter – we’re going to talk about bums. And this ain’t about your kids, either. 

Join me today for some fun talk about your Clean Care Routine over on Mom2MomDFW.com.

Does Camp Gladiator Really Make You a Gladiator?

I received one complimentary one-month Camp Gladiator for the purposes of this review. However, all the views and comments expressed are my own.  About a month ago I accepted the mama challenge to participate in one month of Camp Gladiator. I didn’t know what to expect and to tell you the truth I was scared I couldn’t hang with the group – especially since I’m not the most coordinated individual to begin with plus my “extra luggage” probably didn’t help the cause either. However, my true desire to be a healthier person for me and a healthier example for my kids was enough reason three days a week to set my alarm clock for 4:40 am and make it to the 5:15 class. 

And boys and girls, I’m not a morning person. But thankfully from good music (a fundamental must for me), interesting routines, and a great attitude from my trainer, it gave me the incentive to see it through. I was pretty skeptic that much could happen in the 12 camp sessions I attended during the 30 days, but at least it could get me into a very much needed routine of getting up early and working out (which is the only time I have available to exercise even though there are CG times available all day and all over DFW.) So every day I got up, sweat my ass off and got stronger.  The recommended CG plan includes meal recommendations as well as additional cardio days for campers to complete on their own time for achieveing maximum results. While I tried to maintain a moderately healthy diet plan, it wasn’t as stringent as it could be. Additionally, my only additional cardio was my awesome Friday Spin Cycle class at my local YMCA.  Needless, to say, I wasn’t doing myself any favors. But at least I was getting up and going.  So after one month it was time to compare my first day’s measurements with my Day 30 measurements. I’ll admit, I was nervous, but there was nothing I could change at this point except to continue to do what I was doing or do even more. No matter what. So the big reveal begins: 

Arms:        Lost .5 inch
Chest:       Lost 2 inches
Waist:       Lost 1 inch
Hips:         Lost .25 inches
Thighs:      Lost 1 inch

I was pretty excited, but can you imagine what could happen if I stepped it up a little for another month?  Luckily for you this month Camp Gladiator is celebrating its 5th year of changing lives and 500 camp. So to share in the fun, they are offering MAMA CHALLENGE READERS their normal $95 camp for only $50. That’s a pretty good deal when you compare it to any other fitness plan you can sign up for (believe me, I know because I have done many of them.) Just make sure you write down: Autumn Reo in your referral! 

I’m signed up for my second camp and I’d love for you to join me. Especially since I just decided to add another two extra days onto my schedule for five full days of Camp Gladiator. And I can’t wait to share those results with you then too! If it is your first camp, make sure you read up on 10 great tips for making the most of your first Camp Gladiator