Last-Minute Daddy’s Day Ideas + Giveaway!

Like Mother’s Day this year, this Father’s Day couldn’t have come at a worse time. Really. Heavy planning is already underway for the four-year old’s birthday bonanza (much more to come), family begins arriving Friday and then it’s the big day. Since I’d already used the Pinterest Father’s Day candy card idea for his birthday last month, I was going to have to expand my horizons. Luckily a few good emails came across that not only saved me some time, money and even made me look like a superstar.

“Peanut-butter-and-chocolate-everything bouquet” from Edible Arrangements 
Actually called the Peanut Butter Chocolate Daisy®, this little-bit-of-heaven made everyone in the family happy – including Dad.  With a little bit of everything, this yummy treat featured fresh banana slices hand dipped in peanut butter and rich chocolate, crisp Granny Smith apple wedges, some dipped in smooth peanut butter and some in rich chocolate, grapes, juicy pineapple stars, fresh strawberries and chocolate dipped strawberries and retails for around $49 for the regular size. (If you’ve never had chocolate-covered bananas from Edible Arrangements, you don’t know what you’re missing.)

While one of my go-to baby arrival gifts, normally, I wouldn’t think of dad + Edible Arrangements.  However, after digging online I found out there’s a whole sports collection, perfect for those sports fans with a hankering for chocolate (and in our case PB, too!) And right now there’s even a special on their NASCAR collection for 15% off, but only until the end of the month (or supplies last). Best of all, starting June 14 they are mobile, so you can make your delivery from your mobile phone! (While this may not be the ideal way to get my family to eat their fruit, it did make me feel better than a plate of chocolate chip cookies.) 

See below for a special giveaway from Edible Arrangements! 

Label Interactive’s Game Table FREE App 
Probably already one of your favorite apps on your Iphone, Game Table is excited to announce that this Father’s Day they will debut their free #1 ITunes downloadable app Game Table Free now for Ipad. If FREE didn’t grab you, then the fact that for every 10,000 downloads, Label Interactive will donate $1,000 to the Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation, up to $10,000 should. Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation provides college scholarships and educational counseling to military children who have lost a parent in combat or accident. So give dad a few hours to himself to play  the app in peace and quiet. That means this little gift doesn’t cost you anything but a smile and few clicks on the Apple. 

Flight Lessons by Let’
While time is not on our side for royal treatment this weekend, I’d still like to give Dad something special to remember. Since my hubby is a big historical nut, I’ve found all kinds of interactive battle experiences he could do…out of state. However, I know there has to be something he could do close to home and for only a few hours at a time…and there is! The Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association’s Let’  is an online resource for learning how to fly and a database of flight schools. Best of all, they offer really affordable introductory flights for only $99. So Dad get’s the equivalent of what it costs for me to get a massage and turns into Tom Cruise for an afternoon…Seems like a win-win for all of us (as long as I can find the flight suit and the Ray-Bans.) 

Hopefully this gives you a few ideas for Dad’s Day without banging your head or breaking the bank. And to all you Dads out there, especially mine – HAPPY FATHER’S DAY! 

And to make it even sweeter, we have a great giveaway from EDIBLE ARRANGEMENTS ($69 value)!

a Rafflecopter giveawayDisclaimer: I was provided an Edible Arrangement for purposes of this review, however, all the views included here are my own.