What to Toast with the Turkey: Wine Picks for Thanksgiving

Tech Tuesdays:

It’s not just Tech Tuesday – it’s also two days before Thanksgiving! 

Whether you are cooking, visiting or even dining out, you are probably going to be met with the challenge of wine at Thanksgiving. Well never fear, I not only have a recommendation for your Thanksgiving needs as well as a resource that keeps on giving no matter the holiday or occasion for all your wine suggestions.  I’m so excited to share this info – especially since I was able to talk one-on-one with the creator.  (Heads up: Get out your smartphone so you can get ready to download this!)

Loved this photo from blogs.phoenixnewtimes.com.
Recommendations for Thanksgiving Wines 

From WinePoynt’s sommelier and president, Chris Taylor:   

“My advice is to offer two wines with your Thanksgiving dinner, a medium-bodied white wine with acidity and a touch of sweetness, and a smooth red wine with good fruit character that compliments the flavors on your plate without bossing them around too much.  With a white and a red to choose from that both complement the spread, plus the fact that one’s sweet and the other’s not, you should have all the bases covered.”

$ Rieslings from Washington
If your table will be heavy on the marshmallows and other sweets, you may want to go for a slightly sweeter white wine, like a Riesling.  Sweetness varies across different Rieslings, but most of the ones from Washington are versatile enough to go with dinner & dessert.

$$ Chenin Blanc wines from Loire Valley of France (e.g. Vouvray)
The balance of sweetness & acidity complements the tang of cranberries, the richness of sweet potatoes, AND the turkey!

$-$$ Pinot Noir from California
Styles vary of course, but these smooth reds are easy to drink, bursting with fruit and spices, are generally crowd pleasers, and won’t trip over anything on the table.

$$ 2012 Beaujolais Nouveau
The first wines available from the French harvest each year go on sale the Third Thursday of each November, just in time for Thanksgiving.  These light, fruity offerings from the gamay grape are intended to help us give thanks and celebrate the bounty of the harvest.  Perfect!

DRINK. RATE. REPEAT.: A little about Chris and WinePoynt
What happens when you are an accomplished sommelier with volumes of wine knowledge and you want to be able to make recommendations for people no matter where they are and no matter their wine price point? You create an app called WinePoynt.

All the knowledge from WinePoynt’s sommelier and president, Chris Taylor, was repurposed, organized and optimized to create the newest must-download app on your smart device, WinePoynt.  Made for anyone from customers, restaurant owners, party planners and local spirit sellers, you can slice and dice wine info from what to buy, what to pair, what to drink, and more – all with a few clicks.

Using info from the user and their location, WinePoynt learns what individual users like as they rate wines, the more the better. Unlike any app on the market, WinePoynt offers the unique service of providing personalized wine recommendations for the users location, allowing them to create and publish custom wine lists, view wine details, rate wines, add notes, share wines, scan wines by UPC code and more, all with a single app. Additionally, app users can attach notes or pictures to wines and share them via social networks along with their ratings.  WinePoynt has a free and a premium version available to mobile users, the premium app costs $.99 a month or $4.99 per year. 

Cheers to the Holidays!

Mother’s Day Ideas for Real Moms

Mother’s Day is always important, but this year, more than ever show you love her and appreciate her with things she REALLY wants. Here’s our picks for Mother’s Day Ideas. 

Mother’s Day is a special day that supposed to recognize the most important lady in most of our lives: mom.

In the past, Mother’s Day has included completing honey-do lists, brunch at my favorite spots, and sweet crafts from the kids. Most of all, it’s just spending time. However, this year it takes on an even bigger meaning as we’ve spent time at home with our families or in my case away from my family (my parents.) But with so much together time, you’re gonna have to do something a little extra special. So we’ve rounded up a few ideas for moms close-by and far away on any budget. 

Please note: If you’re going to buy anything, we love to promote local. Now more than ever you should buy from the small businesses owned by friends and other community members. Unfortunately not all those local spots can be mailed or sent in the mail so we have some other options – including a few free ideas – to make Mother’s Day memorable! 

Mother’s Day Ideas for Free

Let’s be honest, Moms don’t expect you to BUY something, especially right now. But you are going to have to do something meaningful. Really the thought does count! 

Make her breakfast AND Clean the House

Make her favorite breakfast (most the time mamas love breakfasts that you don’t have everyday.) We have some amazing ideas for brunch like this Eggs Benedict Casserole but honestly an omelet goes a long way.  Along with making her breakfast make sure not to leave a mess. That’s the biggie. Leave her a mess and might as well not have done anything. If you aren’t for breakfast or another meal, that’s great, but make sure she doesn’t have to clean up after you. Do the laundry, clean the bathrooms, and don’t leave any dishes in the sink. PERIOD. 

Add flowers to the meal and you’ll be set. 

Just do me a favor, don’t pick the neighbor’s flowers. But you can do a walk and pick wildflowers or put them in a jar. And you can always make some for her with paper. We loved these easy flowers we made with coffee filters and straws

Do Spa Night 

My daughter is young, so she can’t buy anything for me. But we definitely can play spa day. Face masks can be made at home with just a few ingredients, soak in the tub, put in the conditioner and just watch some good girlie movies (Under the Tuscan Sun, Eat. Pray. Love, Love Actually, Gone with the Wind, Steel Magnolias and Downton Abbey.)

Or you can always rub her feet. Not getting to get a pedicure or get a massage is starting to take a toll, so rubbing her feet will go FAR. 


Mother’s Day Ideas for Her (Near & Far)

Okay, everyone loves a good gift…especially if it’s something she’s wanted! So if you’re looking for a goodie we have some great ideas here that can be ordered to the house or delivered to those mamas (and grandmas) far away. (Thank gosh for delivery, right?)  

Scout & Cellar 

Toast to mom the right way with a bottle of wine (or even better a wine box subscription) she’s sure to love from Scout & Cellar. However, this wine company isn’t just selling wine – it’s organic, Clean-Crafted wine (without pesticides or added sugars) from small winemakers from across the world. So when you get wine from Scout & Cellar, it’s not just amazing wines (and bubbles, too), but a woman-owned business that works with only small family-owned wineries and partners with consultants across the U.S. (like myself) to have it delivered, straight to your door. Right now there is a special Mother’s Day box with a personalized note that is perfect for making her happy. 

Mothers Day Wine

Best Mom Gourmet Gift Basket

If you want to make her happy with all the sweets, eats and treats – then these Mother’s Day picks from GourmetGiftBaskets.com will do the job x 10.  Reviewed by Newsweek as a No. 1 food site, has a great new assortment of gifts for Mom that she’s bound to love like cookies, cheese, bubbles and more. 


Okay this one is a biggie. And not every mom wants a Peloton, but this mama can tell you it’s my saving grace…especially right now. It’s my work out, my spiritual center, the kids love the family classes, and if you haven’t done a ride with Cody or Ally, you haven’t really had fun lately (and all from your house.) One day when travel is ok, you also need to plan a trip to NYC so she can do it with her favorite instructor (it’s so worth it!)

Use the code ESDH6K and you’ll get $100 in accessories when you buy a Peloton.


(Photo: Peloton)

Apple AirPods Pro

She might love you, but believe me, she would love to be able to cancel out the noise (i.e. you) sometimes. Do yourselves all a favor and buy Apple AirPods Pro for her. And if you have it in your budget, buy a pair for you, too.

Mothers Day Airpods

Subscription Boxes 

Honestly, I’m a real sucker for subscription boxes. Food ones, beauty ones, clothes ones – you name it! Best of all, there’s a little bit of fun in getting a box of goodies that all are curated for her special likes. While there are plenty of them to sign up for, here are a few of our favorites for Mom: 


  • Allure Beauty Box – at just $20 it’s a huge deal with the value of more than $70 sent monthly (shipping included.)
  • Bloomsy Box Send her flowers – every month! 
  • Simple Loose Leaf Tea For those tea drinkers, give them something to look forward to with four different blends delivered to her door (and at less than $7 for the first box and $12.95 for additional), you can afford to tell her “I’m thinking about you.” 
  • TheraBox – AHHH! This is her spa in box! #Selfcare is the name of the game and this monthly box with full-size products begins at $35! 

Scrapbook it with MixBook

This is a great gift idea for grandma especially! If you have kids that can make a Mixbook scrapbook on their own – even better! But if you need to help them create something special to send to grandma, this one is easy to create and get delivered using photos you find on your phone or have collected throughout the year. Even a look at what you’ve been doing during the Quarantine can be something special to make. 

Did we mention we are doing a giveaway for the ultimate craft mom – A CRICUT MAKER. (See below to enter to win.)

If you’d rather do it yourself, then we have several ideas for sensible scrapbooking to make it on the cheap at home! 


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